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Career opportunities in Embedded Systems

"Any electronic system which gives the capability to a device or a machine to perform fully automatic and semi-automatic tasks is an Embedded System"

One example: In a fully automatic washing machine, the user just puts the clothes in the machine and rests all the tasks are done by the machine itself.

Can you guess who is controlling the automatic operations of the machine??

How a washing machine is intelligent enough to do tasks automatically??

What is the brain of a washing machine?

Yes !! It is an Embedded System. The Embedded system is the brain of the washing machine (or any automatic machine or device). There is an Embedded system inside a washing machine that gets inputs from the user, saves those inputs in its memory, and operates the machine as per the inputs.

Is it Interesting?

It means, if you know how to make an Embedded System then you can automate any task with the help of it.

Do you know what an embedded system consists of ??

It consists of 3 things :

1)Input devices


3)Output devices

Input device collects input from te user or environment it could be done via a sensor or a remote control.

Microcontroller is the brain, it is the processing unit. It collects the data from input device and performs output as per the logic defined inside it.

Output device collects the instructions from the Microcontroller and performs accordingly.

More Examples :

1. Microwave
2. Mobile Phone
3. Laptop
4. Audio Player
5. Digital Camera
6. Printer
7. Automatic Features in Cars
8. Traffic Lights
9. Digital Thermometer
10. Set-Top Box (TV)

The above examples are just nuts, an embedded system is an ocean, there are a huge number of products in the medical electronics sector, aerospace, automobiles, defense, toys, consumer electronics, food industry, telecommunication, Industrial machines, space, agriculture, construction, in simple term everywhere.

Future Scope of Embedded System

Embedded System is the future. Every industry needs some artificial intelligence into it and artificial intelligence can be given by embedded systems only. No electronic product is without embedded systems in the market. And who is going to develop future embedded systems? You ! the Embedded Engineers.

- According to a survey embedded systems industry will reach $360 billion by end of 2020.

- Jobs in the embedded industry will reach 15 Lac by 2021.

- Companies like TCS, Wipro, L&T, TATA, Elexsi, Infosys, Zensar, Tech Mahindra, Patni, Volvo, Airbus, Toshiba are investing heavily in their embedded systems operations in India

- Mobile manufacturers like Foxconn are setting up their plants in India.

- Experts say what IT was in the 90s is where Embedded Systems stands now and is ready to explode.

Career Opportunities in Embedded Systems

A lot of career opportunities are available in embedded systems. Some of them are as follows:

- Embedded Software Engineer (firmware)

- System Software Engineer (kernal & RTOS)

- Application Software Engineer (device drivers)

- Software Test Engineer.

- Embedded Hardware Engineer.

- Embedded System Trainer.

- Marketing & Sales Executive.

No doubt starting packages are not much high but once you gain experience of 3-4 years, you will get handsome packages.

Experienced embedded system developers have very high demand in India.

Sectors in which you will get Embedded Systems Jobs

- Medical Electronics
- Aerospace
- Automobiles
- Defence
- Toys
- Consumer Electronics
- Food industry
- Telecommunication
- Industrial machines
- Space
- Agriculture
- Construction

in simple terms everywhere.

Answer to the question

I hope you got the answer to this question "Is Embedded Systems a Good Career Option ?"

And the answer is " YES "

Thanks for reading this article. I tried my best to explain what is embedded systems, Career Opportunities in Embedded Systems, Related Sectors, and Skills to gain. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All the best for your future!

Prof. Biswas

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